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Stressless Wave Lowback Chair

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Named for the gentle waves of the ocean, the Stressless Wave sofa represents a true innovation in comfort technology. The Wave automatically adjusts to each person the moment they take a seat on this amazing sofa. The patented Plus and Glide systems provide the perfect seating angle for truly customized support and the ultimate in individual comfort. Available in a three seat sofa, two seat loveseat, and chair model, the Wave collection also comes with a choice of high or low back.

— With gentle curves, padded arms and supple seats, these recliners offer an invitation to pure relaxation
— Employs the Stressless patented Glide® system that make Stressless recliners the most comfortable in the world.
— The distinctive Stressless Plus® System interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement.
— Cold-cured Foam is molded directly over the steel frame with perforated air pockets.
— A second layer of Polyester Foam is fashioned on top to form the most comfortable and ventilated seat possible.
— Available in theater seating arrangements as well as stand alone pieces.

The Wave Collection offers incredible comfort in your choice of Performance Fabrics or Top-grain Leathers. Design your own from a range of Sizes, Colors, Base Styles, and Wood Finishes.

Designed, Quality-crafted, and Made To Order in Norway.
Additional Information

Country:Designed, Quality-crafted, and Made To Order in Norway.

Finish Options:Available in a selection of Performance Fabrics, Top-grain Leathers, Base Styles, and Wood Finishes.

Lowback Chair:35.5"w x 32"d x 33"h (17.25"SH)

Highback Chair:35.5"w x 32"d x 39.75"h (17.25"SH)

Lowback Loveseat:57"w x 32"d x 33"h (17.25"SH)

Highback Loveseat:57"w x 32"d x 39.75"h (17.25"SH)

Lowback Sofa:78.75"w x 32"d x 33"h (17.25"SH)

Highback Sofa:78.75"w x 32"d x 39.75"h (17.25"SH)